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Everything you need to know about this site, but were afraid to ask.

Q:Can I submit some of my woodworking tips that users might find helpful to include in this site?
We invite all of you to participate in this website. 
We'd like to make it a participatory Forum.  If you have ideas, suggestions, questions, send them to us by clicking Contact Us.  We'll publish them in Hints & Ideas.  Also, I have no doubt there will be woodworking enthusiasts who have answers if you have questions.
Q:How do I get my art included on this site?
Your woodworking artcan be included on this site by going to the Contact Us page and filling out the information.  If you become affiliated we will promote your art and provide you with a showcase to demonstrate your talent and market your work.
Q:Can I buy wood art on this site?
Not at this time.   The specific pieces shown in the Galleries are not items in a warehouse.  They've probably all been sold or given as gifts. 
Instead, they are shown to exhibit the specialties of the artisans.  And to create desire in the minds of visitors.  Each woodworker can be contacted directly for negotiating the creation of your piece.  This may include personalizing touches you would like.  You would be the owner of a unique design. 
One day a woodworker may join us who does want to sell the items in his (or her) gallery.

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